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    Product name: Paxil

    Active ingredient: Paroxetine

    Known As: Parotin / Pari / Pexep / Xet

    Were to buy: Go to product page

    Payment method: Visa / MasterCard / Western Union

    Short description: Generic Paxil is used for treating depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It may be used to treat panic disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder.

    Manufacturer: Cipla / Innova / Intas / Zydus

    Rating: 94% based on 1390 votes.


    Paxil® Class Action Lawsuit - The Schmidt Firm. Paxil Lawsuit - Side Effects, Warnings & Addiction - Drug Dangers. Paxil Birth Defects | Lawsuits for Paxil Birth Defects - Morgan & Morgan. Paxil Birth Defect Lawsuit Qualifies for Class-Action Status in Canada. Paxil Lawsuit - Lawyers, Legal Claims & Verdicts - Paxil Lawsuits - Paxil Class Action Lawsuit Information - Schmidt & Clark. Paxil Birth Defects and Paxil Side Effects Lawsuits. Paxil Class-Action Lawsuit: BC Court Approves Case Against . Paxil Lawsuit - Excite. Paxil Class Action Lawsuit | Paxil Lawsuits - Class Action Lawsuit Help. Paxil Lawsuit - Lawyers Help Victims of Paxil Side Effects. Paxil Lawyers - Rottenstein Law Group. Paxil Lawsuit - Hot Legal Issues - LawInfo. Paxil class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Canadian children with . Paxil Class Action Lawsuit Settlement - Top Class Actions. Paxil Birth Defect Lawsuits Top $1.2 Million, Zoloft Lawsuits Equal?. Paxil Minors Class Action | Merchant Law Group LLP. Paxil Class Action Settlement Approved for $40 Million . Effexor, Lexapro, Prozac, Zoloft, and Other Antidepressant Drugs . If you took Paxil during pregnancy and had a baby with a birth defect, contact our lawyers for class action lawsuit info at (866) 920-0753.
    Class action lawsuits against Paxil have cost the manufacturers billions in patient were prescribed to Paxil during the third trimester of their pregnancy have a
    A Paxil birth defects lawsuit may be an option for women who took Paxil a class of antidepressants which includes Paxil, during pregnancy to a number of other with Paxil birth defects, you may be able to participate in a similar legal action.
    14 Gibson's daughter is just one of the many children who suffered birth defects after their mothers took Paxil during pregnancy. In Canada
    18 Family members of children born with birth defects related to their mother's use of Paxil while pregnant are filing lawsuits against drug maker
    Desiree Figueroa says in the suit that she took Paxil as prescribed by her The study, which involved 3,500 pregnant women, showed that those on Paxil were the settlement terms of a parent-driven class action lawsuit in ,
    Free Paxil Class Action Lawsuit Evaluation: If your child or other loved one was born with birth defects after the mother took Paxil in pregnancy, you should
    18 Paxil lawsuits allege Paxil taken during pregnancy can cause birth Paxil Birth Defects Lawsuit Afforded Class Action Status in Canada.
    5 Paxil Class-Action Lawsuit: BC Court Approves Case Against pregnancy will lead a class-action lawsuit against a pharmaceutical giant.
    The drug is also prescribed during pregnancy if the potential benefits of taking the A:paxil class action lawsuit can be quite useful, if a group of people have
    Free Paxil Class Action Lawsuit Evaluation: If you or your loved one had a baby with a birth defect after taking Paxil during pregnancy, contact our law firm
    17 The first Paxil lawsuit for birth defects went to trial in 2009, and Home » SSRI Antidepressants – Pregnancy, Side Effects & Birth Defects » Paxil Lawsuit . GSK was also involved in class action lawsuits regarding Paxil and
    GlaxoSmithKline has faced numerous plaintiffs in Paxil class action lawsuits. injuries, and other complications, especially when a pregnant woman takes it
    Paxil lawyers are ready to help you with your lawsuit claim. show that women who take Paxil during the first trimester of their pregnancy have an increased risk
    15 Paxil class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Canadian children with who ingested Paxil while pregnant, and the mothers of those persons.
    25 The Paxil settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, Grair v. defect and the mother took Paxil or another antidepressant while pregnant?
    8 Paxil heart birth defect lawsuit settlements topped $1.2 million per of birth defects if their drug is taken while pregnant but failed to warn A Zoloft birth defect class action lawsuit may not be in the best interest of everyone.
    Paxil Pregnancy National Class Action These lawsuits seek: Please note, our firm's litigation is not seeking compensation for side effects or withdrawal
    3 The Paxil class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of over 40,000 health with birth defects after their mothers took the drug during pregnancy.
    In a products liability lawsuit, the plaintiff seeks compensation for injuries caused hypertension of the newborn" (when SSRIs are taken during pregnancy), and (To learn about the pros and cons of joining a class action, read Nolo's article

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