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    Product name: Adalat

    Active ingredient: Nifedipine

    Known As: Adalat / Afeditab / Nifediac / Nifedical / Procardia

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    Thumbnail sketch: Generic Adalat is used for treating high blood pressure and angina (chest pain).

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    Preterm Labor-Topic Overview - WebMD. Delaying Premature Labor with Nifedipine - Consumer Reports. Treatment of Preterm Labor:Calcium Channel Blockers - Healthline. nifedipine for the management of preterm labor: a systematic review . Nifedipine for preterm labour - SA Health. Nifedipine Use During Pregnancy | Drugs.com. Using Nifedipine as a Tocolytic in Preterm Labor - Medscape. Preterm Labor: Practice Essentials, Overview, Risk of Preterm Labor. Nifedipine for Tocolysis - Protocol. Study shows no benefit from drug widely used to prevent premature . Nifedipine Tocolysis - National Women's Hospital. Did Anyone take nifedipine to stop contractions? - BabyCenter. Tocolysis for Women in Preterm Labour - the Royal College of . WHO | Tocolytics for preterm labour - World Health Organization. Preterm Labor: Diagnosis and Treatment - American Family Physician. Nifedipine in the Management of Preterm Labor | Mamas on Bedrest . Clinical Guidelines Section B 2.5.1 Labour and Birth Suite. Tocolysis for women in preterm labour. - National Guideline . After Stopping Nifedipine, How Long Til Baby Born? - Babies Born . Procardia/ Nifedipine for preterm labor - Babies . This topic covers how preterm labor affects the pregnant woman. If you want to know how it affects the baby after he or she is born, see the topic Premature Infant
    Although no drugs are FDA approved in the U.S., one of the most common ones used for premature labor has several good studies behind it.
    15 Calcium channel blockers are used less commonly for treating preterm labor.. The most commonly used calcium channel blocker is nifedipine
    We included randomized controlled trials in which nifedipine was used for tocolysis in patients with preterm labor compared with alternative tocolytic agents,
    10 South Australian Perinatal Practice Guidelines – nifedipine Nifedipine, suppression, preterm labour, calcium channel blocker,. Adalat
    Nifedipine has been used safely in humans for treatment of preeclampsia and preterm labor. Data from the Michigan Medicaid Birth Defects Study failed to
    18 Can the calcium channel blocker nifedipine be used as a tocolytic in preterm labor?
    Occurring at 20-37 weeks' gestation, preterm labor precedes almost half of preterm Nifedipine: Despite its unlabeled status, several randomized studies have
    17 Suppression of threatened or established preterm labour before 34 hourly pulse, blood pressure, temperature during nifedipine treatment.
    3 Deirdre Lyell conducted a clinical trial testing whether the drug nifedipine helps to prevent premature labor. When a pregnant woman goes into
    of Nifedipine for women with pre term labour. Scope. Medical and midwifery staff in Women's Assessment Unit, Labour & Birthing Suite/ Ward 96/98.
    3 They gave me nifedipine to slow my contractions and that worked. too far progressed and it only stalled labor for about six hours for me.
    Labour may be too advanced, for example, or prolonging the pregnancy may be . use of nifedipine for preterm labour is an unlicensed indication,12 it has the
    Calcium channel blockers are preferred to other agents for stopping labour . Effectiveness of nifedipine versus atosiban for tocolysis in preterm labour: a
    15 Although the cause of preterm labor is unknown, family physicians who ritodrine (Yutopar), terbutaline, nifedipine (Adalat, Procardia) and
    11 Is Nifedipine the next great thing for the prevention of preterm labor? Perhaps. At the very least, it affords physicians and pregnant women
    Preterm labour, nifedipine, contractions, dose,regimen See Clinical Guidelines Section P Medications Nifedipine for detailed information on this medication.
    Women in preterm labor. Interventions and Practices Considered. Tocolytic drugs including: Atosiban; Nifedipine; Ritodrine; Magnesium sulphate (considered
    5 Last Thursday I went to hospital with pre-term labour at 35.4 weeks and they gave me Nifedipine and the steriod shots too. They continued with
    So the doctor put me on procardia/Nifedipine to help stop the contractions. She said I had an irritable uterus. I am just worried. Does anyone have any

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